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Helping Hands in Snake Safety at a Glance

A Bit of Background

Helping Hands in Snake Safety was born out of the passion for snakes and a realisation that snake conservation and safety are neglected issues in most rural areas of our beautiful country, Zambia. 

Through this initiative we aim to raise funds for three main focuses of the group, which are;

1) Training of Snake Handlers in Zambia across the country, with the long-term aim of creating a database of qualified and capable snake handlers. These snake handlers will provide rescue and relocation services throughout the country to reduce the incidence of Snakebite.

2) Training and support to health care professionals, from first aid responders to doctors and nurses in urban and rural clinics, to improve first aid of Snakebite as well as treatment for severe cases. Focussing on symptomatic treatment wherever possible due to the difficulties that can be encountered with supply, storage, control, costs and administration of anti-venom. The ultimate goal is to reach a point where anti-venom can be the go-to treatment, but this is a long road with many obstacles.

3) Outreach programs to schools across the country where snakes will be brought to classrooms for demonstrations, talks, questions and answers etc. Focusing on what to do if you encounter a snake, and reinforcing that snakes do not need to be killed when seen, their place in the natural ecosystem, and hopefully fostering a curiosity in snakes and reptiles in general for future generations to erode the "See a Snake - Kill a Snake" approach to snakes that prevails.

We aim to raise money through the NGO "Raise-A-Smile" by crowdfunding, individual donations, and collaboration with industries that require snake training for HSE reasons, such as mines, farms and construction.




First Aid Training
Snakebite Treatment Training
Antivenom and it's Obstacles

Handling and Relocation

Training professional snake handlers across the country
Developing and publishing a comprehensive list of snake handlers for catch and relocate

Education Outreach 

Talks at schools and institutions
Generating awareness
Changing mindsets from a young age
Sharing knowledge and collective learning


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