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Helping Hands in Snake Safety at a Glance

A Bit of Background

Helping Hands in Snake Safety (HHiSS) was born out of the passion for snakes and a realisation that snake conservation and safety are neglected issues in most (rural) areas of our beautiful country, Zambia.  Since June 2020 HHiSS is officially registered as an NGO.

In order to fullfill our passion, we work via three objectives:

1) SENSITISATION - To conduct sensitisation activities on snakes and snakebites in communities, schools, organsiations and companies in Zambia.

2) TRAINING -  To conduct training courses in snake awareness, recognition and handling

3) SNAKEBITE MANAGEMENT - To support the coordination and efforts to improve the safe and effective treatment of snakebites in Zambia

We aim to raise money by crowdfunding, individual donations, grants and collaboration with industries that require snake training for HSE reasons, such as mines, farms and construction companies.




Training interested people in snake awareness and recognition as well as snake handling.

Train snake handlers across the country
Developing and publishing a comprehensive list of snake handlers for catch and release.

Snakebite management

Support to health service providers in snakebite management

First Aid in snakebite treatment Training
Snakebite Treatment Training
Antivenom and its obstacles


Talks at schools and institutions
Generating awareness
Changing mindsets from a young age
Sharing knowledge and collective learning


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Lusaka and Mfuwe, Zambia

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