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Helping Hands in Snake Safety

Helping people stay safe around snakes, and snakes stay alive around people.

Your reference guide to snake safety and snake related information specifically tailored for Zambia.

Helping Hands in Snake Safety at a Glance

A bit of back ground

Helping Hands in Snake Safety (HHiSS) was born out of a passion for snakes and a realisation that snake conservation and safety are neglected issues in Zambia.


Our primary goals are to reduce the risks of snakebite incidences, increase the effectiveness of Zambia's snakebite management efforts and reduce the number of snakes being killed

Our goals are to be achieved via the following objectives: 

  1. Sensitisation: to conduct sensitisation activities on snakes and snake safety in communities, schools organisations and institutions across Zambia. 

  2. Training: To conduct training courses in snake awareness, identification, snakebite first aid and handling. 

  3. Snakebite management: To support the coordination and efforts to improve the safe and effective treatment of snakebites in Zambia


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