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Common Dangerous Snakes of Zambia

A simple poster explaining the dangerous snakes of Zambia

Common Harmless Snakes of Zambia

With close to 100 species of snakes in Zambia it's important to know which ones are totally harmless and quite common around the country.

Little Black Snakes of Zambia

We have a few small black snakes, this helps to differentiate between them

Snake Safety Advice

Some basic information can go a long way to keeping people safe in places where snakes are prevalent. This advice should be shared as much as possible.

Green Snakes of Zambia

A lot of people think every green snake is a Green Mamba, here is a guide to the common green snakes often mistaken for Mambas.

The Antivenom Triangle Concept

A lot of us learnt about the Fire Triangle at school. Without one side you can't have a fire. Well here is one we developed for Antivenom Treatment

As we grow, learn and expand we will be adding more free content like this to give anyone who wants to learn more about Zambian Snakes a solid resource center from which to start.

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