Meet The Team

Ephraim Phiri

Board chair person



Ephraim runs his own pharmacy in Lusaka and is a lecturer at several universities in Lusaka. His passion for snakes is mostly focused on snakebite treatment and he was part of the Health Action International research project team on snakebites in four provinces in Zambia in 2018. 

Asimbuyu Mwangala

Board member


Asimbuyu is an Agricultural Researcer at the Ministry of Agriculture. She has become passionate about snakes after joining the Zambian Snakes facebook page and she is the trained snake remover for her workplace in Chisamba.

Zodwa Saina

Board member


Zodwa is an accountant and puts her knowlege about financial management to good use within HHiSS. Her interest in Zambian snakes grew so much she followed the snake awareness and recognition training.

Ken Waterhouse

Founder and board member

Ken manages Marula Lodge in Mfuwe. He and his wife Lauren are the founders of HHiSS, initially starting it off as a self-funded initiative to sensitise people about snakes. He is a highly skilled snake handler and has applied his knowledge about snakebite treatment to advise doctors in bite cases.

Wilfred Moonga

Board member


Wilfred a wildlife warden, responsible for the Munda Wanga zoo and Botanical Garden in Chilanga, at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW).

He has been passionate about snakes for many years, at one time even having lived together with a large Black Mamba in the Blue Lagoon National park.

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