Mfuwe, our flagship project!

Project Brief:

Mfuwe is a poor rural area in the East of Zambia. Because of its suitable habitat, a large number of dangerous snake species live here, leading to human-snake conflict situations. To give an indication: in 2020 the 2 HHiSS snake removers in Zambia have saved 288 snakes by removing them from peoples homes and work places. This was almost 60% of all registered removals nation wide, over six locations! In addition, 24 different species were caught in Mfuwe, of which 6 can give a bite that requires medical treatment.

Human-snake conflicts are high and this leads to many snakebite incidences and casualties. Due to the limited knowledge of residents about snakes, every snake usually gets killed on sight, even the harmless ones. And 70 out of Zambia’s 101 snake species are harmless! In addition: many people get bitten and effective treatment of these bites isn't available. Local hospitals and clinics are understaffed, under-equipped and staff aren't trained in snakebite treatment. 

The following activities are currently being conducted or are being prepared: 

  • HHiSS has started training several community volunteers in the safe handling and  removal of snakes.

  • In addition, we have trained scouts and rangers of BioCarbon Partners and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in first aid in snakebites.  

  • We sensitise the community about snake safety. As part of the sensitisation, brochures, both in English and in the local language (Nyanja) are being handed out and posters will be provided for public places.

  • We train health professionals in the area in first aid in snakebite and in snakebite treatment. 

Funds for the Mfuwe project will be raised via Save the Snakes, an NGO based in the United States of America. You can find the platform here:  Mfuwe project

However, if you want to support this project from Zambia, you can make a direct donation via our bank account or airtel money number (see the support tab).

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