HHiSS And STS open the Mfuwe Snake Information Centre!

To create a base for snake-related activities and accessibility to snake and snake safety information, the MFUWE SNAKE INFORMATION CENTRE was opened and a billboard erected along the Mfuwe main road. This centre was established and is run by Helping Hands in Snake Safety together with Save The Snakes.

And we didn't waste time but immediately sprung into action:

A full Snake Awareness, Identification and Snakebite First Aid Training was given to the current and aspiring community snake removers on 18 October at our newly opened Centre. The training was the last step for two of the removers, Wilson Tembo and Bornface Banda, who received their full certificate of competence. Congratulations to Wilson and Bornface!!!

At the same centre, a Snake Toxicology and Snakebite First Aid Training was given to medical staff of the Mfuwe Kakumbi clinic. This was a completely new activity in the region and a huge step forward in the effective treatment of snakebite victims in the wider Mfuwe area. Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

A Community Snake Awareness session was conducted for the people of Mfuwe town at our new Mfuwe Snake Information Centre on 20 October. With the HHiSS coordinator being sick, the session was ably conducted by Choti Singh from Save The Snakes.

The Mfuwe Snake Information Centre will be used as a base from which to conduct training courses and sensitisation activities.

One such activities was the Community Snake Awareness talk given in a village in the Nsefu sector, close to Mfuwe town. Here, over 130 community members, including many children and several village head men, were attending under a group of trees in the village. We managed to turn the sentiment “kill all the snakes” into “snakes are useful and many aren’t dangerous, killing isn’t always necessary”, which is a huge step forward!

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