HHISS did it again!!!

less than a week ago we received a request: "we are having a day at Kalimba Reptile farm for our school, could HHiSS come in and do some sensitisation?" Fortunately we could!

On Thursday 15 April, HHiSS gave two sensitisation activities to a total of 53 students from the Enviro-Flor school, which is a community support initiative set up by the Enviro-flor farm.

Two groups of students were taught the basics about snakes and snake safety after which a round along the enclosures was conducted to explain more about the various species that are kept at Kalima reptile farm.

As a final activity, a Black Necked Spitting Cobra was taken out of its enclosure and the students of the two groups, brought together for this, learned more about this specific snake species, such as its behaviour, the reasons why it spreads a hood, how it follows movement and not sound, and why and how it spits (and boy, did it spit!!!!).

HHiSS is able to conduct these activities because of the funding generated by the selling of HHiSS-T-shirts (see elsewhere on our website) and because of the support by organisations such as Save the Snakes and First Aid Africa. Save the Snakes has provided funding for the development of information brochures for children and First Aid Africa has funded the recent in dept training of our National Coordinator in South Africa. These skills are being to good use, teaching the children of Zambia about snake safety.

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