HHiSS Lectures at the University of Zambia

On 24 April 2021 Helping Hands in Snake Safety was invited to give a series of lectures at the University of Zambia's School of Veterinary Medicine. The event coincided with World Veterinary Day!

Two lectures were given:

During the first, we increased basic awareness about snakes and snake safety. Explaining what type of snakes are around and which ones are potentially dangerous. In addition, we explained the importance of snakes as pest control and as part of the ecosystem. Further, we explained the dos and don'ts in case of snake encounters and how to keep snakes away from homes.

The second lecture taught the participants about snake venom, toxicology and the different syndromes associated with the three main snake venom types. The symptoms of these syndroms are crucial in determining which first aid measure to apply.

The lecture was attended by 105 people, Professors, Lecturers, Researchers and Students of the School of Veterinary Medicine. In addition, there was representation from AgriVet Cooperation and the Livestock ServicesCooperation. 63 were male, 42 female.

There are several organisations and sponsors we would like to thank:

Firstly, Doc David Square, who, together with the department worked hard to raise funds and organise the event. Secondly, Agrivet Africa and Livestock Services Cooperation who sponsored the event.

Thirdly: Kalimba Reptile Farm who, again(!) graciously accepted our request to borrow one of their snakes for this event. Billy the Brown House Snake has, arguably, travelled more than any snake in Zambia!

Finally I would like to thank, once again, First Aid Africa and African Reptiles and Venom who have facilitated the increase in knowledge which made it possible to teach ever-more people in Zambia about snakes and snakebites.

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