HHiSS Publishes new book about snakebite in Zambia!

Do you want to know which snakes in Zambia are dangerous and which are not?

Do you want to know how snake venom actually works in the human body?

Do you want to understand why traditional medication simply can not work in curing snakebites?

Or do you want to know what to do in case someone is bitten by a snake?

This book gives you the answers and more!!!

In “Snakes and First Aid in Snakebite in Zambia” the dangerous snakes of Zambia are presented. It also explains how venom works, how it is transported and what we should absolutely avoid doing as well as what we can do to save human life after a snakebite. It does so by using text and images.

Snakes and First Aid in Snakebite in Zambia" is a must- have for farmers, rangers, scouts, game guides and anyone else who works in, or regularly visits, the bush.

By buying this book, you financially support the efforts of Helping Hands in Snake Safety in spreading knowledge about snakes, snake safety and snakebite in Zambia.

The publication of “Snakes and First Aid in Snakebite in Zambia” was made possible by generous donations from:

Enviro-flor Limited ( FB: @itsfreshzambia)

Trident Foundation Limited, a not for profit of First Quantum Minerals (FB: @FQMZambia).

We are very grateful for their support!

“Snakes and First Aid in Snakebite in Zambia” is published by Pensulo Publishers. Contacts:


phone: +260979443150

FB: @PensuloPublishers

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