Ongoing collaboration with FAA: First aid in snakebite!!

From 21 to 27 April First Aid Africa and Helping Hands in Snake Safety gave a series of first aid training courses, both basic and advanced. As part of the advanced course, HHiSS provided the module on first aid in snakebite and scorpion stings.

This module follows the typical, universal first aid principles: the aim is to preserve life, prevent worsening and promote recovery of the victim.

The training, which took place at the Croc Valley lodge, on the doorstep of Zamia’s beautiful South Luangwa' National Park, was organised on request from several lodges in the area who wanted to have their staff trained.

If you are interested in first aid training, including the snakebite first aid module, for your organisation or institution, kindly get in touch with First Aid Africa via

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