The first semester of 2021 is behind us. What have we achieved?

Working mostly on a expenses and cost-covering base, we have managed to conduct a lot of sensitisation and training activities in the first four months of 2021.

Let us give you some statistics:

  • 316 school children have been taught about snake importance, snake conservation and safety, in Lusaka and Livingstone.

  • 105 students, lecturers and researchers of the UNZA School of Veterinary Medicine attended the lectures on snake awareness & snake safety and first aid in snakebites.

  • 40 staff members of RAZEL-BEC, working on the Kariba dam renovations, have been taught about snake awareness & snake safety and first aid in snakebites.

  • 15 staff members of Game Rangers International have been trained in firs aid in snakebites, as part of the advanced first aid training given by First Aid Africa

  • Interviews on live radio (HotFM) and on live TV (Millenium TV).

  • Established a partnership with Travel and Leisure magazine to write a column about snakes for every edition.

What we have planed:

In May, we will again partner with First Aid Africa to give first aid training in the wider Mfuwe area in Eastern Zambia. Meanwhile, we are preparing more, and larger projects, for which we hope to receive funding.

During the Mfuwe trip, the ground work will be laid for the HHiSS Mfuwe Project, which aims to increase residents knowledge about snakes and snakebites as well as improve the regional capacity in dealing with snakebites. The first aid in snakebite training, already planned for May, fits right in.

Further, we are in the process of preparing snakebite treatment training for health professionals, together with African Reptiles and Venom, to take place this year.

How can you get involved?

If you would like to find out more about these projects, check the information under "projects" on this website, or send us an email via If you wish to contribute toward this project, you can do so via our bank accounts or our airtel money channel, found under "support".

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