The great Boniface

Boniface Banda received his first training in snake handling in the beginning of 2020, by Snakes Alive Zambia. The training was organised by HHiSS. After this training he travelled back to his hometown Mfuwe where he received mentorship from Ken Waterhouse, the founder of HHiSS who also had paid for his training. They caught many snakes together. Boniface also attended further training and mentoring activities, organised by HHiSS in the Mfuwe area.

All this has paid off: Boniface is an invaluable member of the HHiSS snake removers network. He has likely already passed the 200 caught snakes mark and is involved in many of the snake sensitisation activities in the Mfuwe region, organised by HHiSS and Save the Snakes. Local people know him. Trust him. He is one of them, he speaks their language and when catching snakes, the spectators notice his calmness and professionalism. Note, for example, how he uses a tong without having to close it to control this highly venomous Northern Boomslang.

He Knows how to handle snakes well! Well done Boniface!!!!!!!!

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