The Mfuwe Snake catcher

Meet Wilson. He lives in Mfuwe, in Eastern Zambia.

Marcel and Wilson

Mfuwe is a rural area with a high number of snake-human conflicts and a lot of snakebites. Wilson is one of the snake removers trained and supported by Helping Hands in Snake safety. He came to us because he wanted to save snakes and keep his community safe. He was already catching snakes without training and tools.

In May 2021 we started training him in safe snake handling and gave him a full snake handling equipment kit. Since then he has been mentored by us, while he removes snakes. And removing snakes he does…..lots! During a recent week-long field visit by the HHiSS coordinator he caught two snakes in one evening: a Black Mamba and a Mozambique Spitting Cobra! He caught two further Mambas, a Python, a juvenile Boomslang, a Puff Adder and a Rufous Beaked Snake.

Black Mamba & Rufous Beaked Snake

Wilson provides an enormous service to his community. He informs the people around him about snakes, catches snakes to keep the people safe. And as a result, a lot less snakes are being killed.

HHiSS is currently training and equipping more aspirant snake removers in Mfuwe.

We are planning to ensure that every snake remover we train can, apart from the training and tools, be provided with a bike and smart phone as well as a minimal expense coverage.

If you would like to support Wilson or one of the other removers under training, we would love to hear from you. We can be reached via phone, whatsapp or sms: 0974248144 or email:

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