The Ongoing Task of Sensitisation 

Project Brief:

As HHiSS we fundamentally believe, that increasing awareness about snakes is the most efficient and effective strategy in improving snake safety. Effective sensitisation campaigns reduce the number of snakebite incidences and also lead to a reduction in the number of snakes being killed.

In our sensitisation efforts, we engage with any community, school, university, organisation, institution and company that is interested. From companies and larger organisations and institutions we request a small fee which in turn helps us reach poorer communities with our sensitisation activities.

A typical sensitisation activity usually takes about 1.5-2 hours and includes information about the snakes of Zambia and of the relevant arera, Further we give tips on how to avoid snakebites, dos and don’ts in snakebite cases and how to keep snakes away from your home. 

Lauren giving a sensitisation in Mfuwe