HHiSS Registered Trained Snake Handlers

The following is a list of people trained to catch and relocate snakes safely. We advise you to go through the list, and save the numbers relevant to your area instead of having to refer back to the list each time you see a snake. Please do check for updates regularly, as we are constantly trying to add handlers and broaden the range.


If you call or message one of the people on this list, please keep in mind the following:

  • Catching snakes is dangerous even for trained professionals, please treat the handler with respect and listen to what they say as it is in yours and their best interests.

  • Please only call one of the numbers on the list if the snake is still visible or its location is known and it is being observed to make sure that when the handler arrives they know where to go.

  • While observing a snake, keep a safe distance of at least four meters, or if it is in a room or confined space, remain outside and watch all possible exit points to ensure the snake is still there when the handler arrives.

  • Please do not call a handler if you suspect there is a snake in a large area. There probably is, but it is not likely to be found unless it has been spotted and kept under observation until the handler arrives. 

  • Please remember that this is a voluntary service, under no circumstances is anyone on this list obligated to attend to your call, as they all have full time jobs and cannot always drop what they are doing to come look for a snake. In the event that you are not able to get hold of a handler who works in your area, or they are not able to attend, please visit the information station for information about staying safe around snakes and what to do if you see one.

  • The service is voluntary, but any and all donations and support are welcome, when you consider that the handler has to use his/her time and money to reach you, and is putting life and limb on the line for your safety.

HHiSS Snake Handlers List Updated 18 December 2020 - To download a PDF version, click on this icon.

*The List may take a few seconds to load. Please be patient*

+260974248144 / +260973175458 / +260977507871

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