HHiSS Registered Trained Snake Handlers

Bellow is a list of people trained to catch and relocate snakes safely. Check who is closest to you and save their number. Check for updates regularly, as we may add handlers. 

If you call or message one of the people on this list, keep the following in mind :

  • Catching snakes is dangerous even for trained professionals, please treat the handler with respect and follow their advise.

  • Only call a remover if the snake is still visible or its location is known. We don't go looking for snakes 'somewhere in a yard'. 

  • While observing a snake, keep a safe distance (five meters), If it is inside, lock exits  and call us. 

  • Our service is voluntary, but any contribution to cover our costs are most welcome, 

  • Please visit the information station for information about staying safe around snakes and what to do if you see one.

HHiSS Snake Handlers List Updated January 2022 - To download a PDF version, click on this icon.