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Snakes don't have trending instagram pages, youtube channels Facebook profiles, or that many fans or followers in general. Let's just say that they have a bit of a "reputation problem" which HHiSS is trying to fix. They can't raise the money to keep you safe from them, and them safe from you without a bit of our help. 

There are many ways you can support the cause, and help us and the rest of the nation come to terms with these amazing creatures sharing the same land as us, here are some of them:

  1. Share this website, our Facebook page, our Instagram account and the Zambian Snakes and Other Crawlies group as far and as wide as you can. It's free, and it gets word out there that there is a group on a mission to make a difference.

  2. Direct deposit/bank transfer. Click here for bank details.

  3. Buy some of our Merchandise or Equipment. All profit goes directly and ONLY to the NGO to be used for driving the projects forward and getting things organised.

  4. Airtel Money - For anyone in Zambia, the convenience is impressive! Fancy sending over a few spare Kwacha after seeing the work we do? This account can take any Kwacha donation. +260 974248144 is the number to use.

  5. Via a donate button which will be added to this page as soon as we manage to get one up and running through all the right channels.

+260974248144 / +260973175458 / +260977507871

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